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Field Experiences

The 1998 REU student participants were involved in a number of field operations in the later part of May and early June. These operations included the MCS Electrification and Polarimetric Radar Studies project (MEaPRS) and the Sub-VORTEX project.

Comments: "...The MEaPRS experience was incredible, and I only wished it had lasted longer." -Christina Hannon

Students who participated in MEaPRS gathered data on board the NOAA P-3 hurricane hunter aircraft and chased thunderstorms in search of lightning. The P-3 provided some exciting moments for a few "green in the face" students who now understand the true meaning of turbulence.

What was your most memorable REU experience?

"...getting sick on the P-3." -Chris Rozoff

Several students also chased supercell thunderstorms in search of tornadoes with the Sub-VORTEX or the Verification of the Origins of Rotation in Tornadoes Experiment. This adventure took our students into north Texas. Although no tornadoes were spotted, they did encounter the awesome power of the Mighty Supercell!

(Mobile Mesonet Vehicle used for Sub-Vortex)

Several of the students and REU staff went out storm chasing. Here are some photographs from the June 8, 1998 storm chase in central Oklahoma.

"...Seeing my first tornado and going up in the P-3 were two things that I will never ever forget." -Chris McAloon

(Steven Decker and Greg Gallina observe a low level moisture flowing into a developing HP Supercell.)

The storms were intercepted around 4:00 PM outside of Chickasaw, Oklahoma. We back tracked into the Norman area around 5:30 PM, catching a powerful supercell with a pronounced area or rotation and wall cloud on its southwest side.

(Alicia Cacciola and Jill Derby observe a rapidly intensifying mesocyclone)

The storm produced a couple of tornadoes near Maud and Wewoka, Oklahoma later that evening. A couple of student intercepted a small tornado which crossed the northern portions of Oklahoma City on June 13, 1998.

"The field opportunities were amazing. I learned so much by just going along for the ride." -Jamie Casto





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