Details of this Analysis

General Information

Input Data
Data Source Number of obs used Warning criteria
for number of obs used
Amateur Sfc 85

Summary of Satellite Input
Name Satellite Channel Date Image Message
Visible (albedo) goes13 goes15 vis goes13:20131024_2145 goes15:20131024_2130
IR (cloud top temp)

Not used

Summary of Sounding (Rawinsonde, Wind Profiler) Input

Stations used are listed followed by the number of vertical levels

Summary of Radar Input

Radar Number of
reflectivity tilts
Number of
model columns
containing reflectivity
KDYX Abilene, TX 0
KFDR Frederick, OK 3
KFWS Fort Worth, TX 2 39272
KGRK Gray-Ft Hood, TX 5
KSHV Shreveport, LA 5
KTLX Oklahoma City, OK 5
TDFW 16 135033

Input, Output, and Log Files

Event Log

2013-10-24 17:12:05 CDT - BEGIN (Anl, 2013-10-24.22:05Z, casa400_dfw, casa_anal_dfw)
2013-10-24 17:12:06 CDT - Processing background grids for hours 0 - 0 [Using 20131024_18Z NAM12 run]
2013-10-24 17:12:06 CDT - Processing satellite data
2013-10-24 17:12:37 CDT - Processing data for 6 radars: KDYX KFDR KFWS KGRK KSHV KTLX
2013-10-24 17:12:38 CDT - adas_casa is waiting for routines to finish: Process initial and boundary grids; Process radar data; netrad; tdwr; Process satellite data; 
2013-10-24 17:12:56 CDT - Objective analysis (ADAS)
2013-10-24 17:13:01 CDT - Submitting ARPS job
2013-10-24 17:13:02 CDT - ADAS submitted
2013-10-24 17:24:55 CDT - Products for hour 0 are available
2013-10-24 17:24:56 CDT - [SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION]