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= multipanel

Surface & Basic Products

  Wind Speed

Upper-Air Products

  2 km AGL Wind Speed
  2 km AGL Vorticity
  2 km AGL Vert Vel
  2 km AGL RH
  1 km AGL Wind Speed
  1 km AGL Vorticity
  1 km AGL Vert Vel
  1 km AGL RH
  500 m AGL Wind Speed
  500 m AGL Vorticity
  500 m AGL Vert Vel
  500 m AGL RH

Sounding Animation

Additional meteogram parameters: CAPE/Helicity
Compare with obs
Plot uncorrected temperatures

Meteograms require WxScope plugin

Land Surface Products

  Soil Temperature
  Soil Moisture
    Vegetation Fraction

Surface Characteristics

    Soil Type
    Veg Type

Guide to interpreting the products
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