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Daniel B. Weber

Research Scientist
Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms

University of Oklahoma
Work Phone: (405) 325-1932
Send E-mail to:dweber@ou.edu

Last Home Page Update: 10/06/2002

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  • ARPS code link arps5.0 Beta 5


     Hobby: Radio Controlled Aircraft R/C flying pics

  • My aircraft
  • Norman, OK R/C Homepage

  • NEW****Digital photographs 12/31/2003

     Vacation Pictures

    NEW****Summer Vacation 2002, Utah NEW****Summer Vacation 2002, Canada
    Vacation 2000 Vacation 1999
    Vacation 1998 Grand Canyon 1998
    Chase west of Norman, OK Four Lakes Basin, Utah
    Great Lakes Picks Etc...

     OTHER LINKS (weather too!).

  • Doppler radar page
  • Unisys weather page
  • Wyoming Weather data
  • Close-up US Visual Satellite Picture (southern plains)
  • Latest US Visual Satellite Picture (NCAR)
  • General Lighthouse link
  • Lake Michigan Lighthouses
  • Current Mortgage Rates