I graduated from the University of Oklahoma's School of Meteorology. My dissertation studied the diurnal heating and cooling effects on the mountain and downslope windstorm environment. A copy of my dissertation, with figures, is available on-line (see below). I am presently working on a number of topics including a simple and efficient nested grid method for my research model (ARPI3D) for MPI applications. My research interests include convection, turbulence, boundary layer processes and microphysics.

I enjoy reading,fishing, camping, skiing, and most sports. I also garden and look forward to the fruit crop in the summer. I'm not much of a storm chaser like most meteorologists in Oklahoma but will go on a "mini" chase in and around Norman. I enjoy the change of seasons as well as other fine moments of life such as the Ballet and a good concert. A dream of mine is to be a Charter Captain on the Great Lakes. I grew up in a northern suburb of Chicago and am quite fond of Lake Michigan. I started a new hobby, flying radio controlled aircraft, three years ago and enjoy the people and work associated with the hobby. My involvement in the hobby has been expanded into a newly formed small business, CB Research. See the R/C web page for more information about R/C aircraft.