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Last Home Page Update: 12/11/2000

Background Photo Copyrighted by Frank W. Gallagher III

I have been busy this year building a total of 9 aircraft. Two are no longer flying due to elevator servo failures (Splinter, a Funbird and a 4-Star-40). The list of planes built or refurbished include: Bridi Aircruiser 20, Funbird 40, Sig Doubler II, Great Planes Super Sportster 40, Sig 4-Star-40, Sig Somethin' Extra, Two Senior Telemasters and a Great Planes P-51. But first, here are some older pictures....

  • Pat, preparing his plane for a near miss... Libertyville, IL
  • Again, Pat fiddling with his plane, we take off on the path... Libertyville, IL
  • Pat, actually flying!!! Libertyville, IL
  • EZ-Fly 40 cruisin along..., Pat is the Pilot, Libertyville, IL
  • Gilligan ready for takeoff in Norman with his new Thunder Tiger Trainer 40...

  • Pictures of the planes to date. More coming soon!

  • Aircuiser Jan. 2000
  • Aircuiser Jan. 2000
  • Aircuiser taxi Jan. 2000
  • Aircuiser flight Jan. 2000
  • Splinter Ready March 2000
  • Splinter Crash June 2000
  • Dataplane DP-0 June 2000
  • Super Sportster 40 finished June 2000
  • Super Sportster 40 ready June 2000
  • 4-Star-40 and SS 40 July 2000
  • Brother Pat's Lanier Comet and me on the ground in Canberra Australia, May 2001
  • The following photo were taken by Joe Shannon

  • Great Planes Tracer November 2002
  • Great Planes Tracer Landing November 2002
  • Sig Doubler II flyby with helicopter in the background November 2002
  • Spad performing a low pass November 2002

  • Pat and Dan preparing Pat's Thunder Tiger Trainer at the Lake County R/C Club, August 2000
  • Dan checking out the trainer, Lake County R/C Club, August 2000

  • Pictures of the Dataplanes on location at the ARM Lamont OK Site September and October 2000. NOTE: JPG'S ARE VERY LARGE (600k)

  • Dataplane DP-0 (My 3 year old EZ-Fly-40 trainer) September 2000, ARM Site, Lamont OK
  • Frank and Dan preparing DP-1 (Senior Telemaster) for flight/data collection, October 2000
  • DP-1 Calibaration Check ARM Site Lamont, OK October 2000
  • DP-1 Calibaration Check ARM Site Lamont, OK October 2000
  • DP-1 Prep October 2000
  • DP-1 Instrument Pack October 2000
  • Dataplane DP-1 on takeoff at Lamont, OK October 2000

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