Welcome to my Vacation 1999 website. It is loaded with pictures of our trip to Arrow Lake Canada and other locations along the way.

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Arrow Lake, Canada

We (Tim, Ryan, Nick, Leigh (girl), Dan, and Scout (dog) ) decided to go to Arrow Lake Canada campground for a week of fun and fishing. Well, we arrived at the campground to find nearly all the trees down in the area due to a strong thunderstorms (tornadic?) during the July 4th, 1999 weekend. This hampered our campsite selection, but with the aid of a chainsaw, were able to find a nice site on the west side of the narrows. A few of the pictures show the damage done by the high winds. We had two severe storms hit during our stay and survived them both with only minor tent damage.

  • The drive to the northwoods, Northern Minnesota
  • Ryan looking west on Arrow Lake
  • Nick's 3lb Walleye ready for the block (hehehehehe)
  • Ryan and a 3.5lb Native Lake Trout Arrow Lake, Canada
  • Fallen trees during our hike!
  • More down trees during the hike!!!
  • Our reward from the hike, hidden lake
  • More downed trees on the shore of Arrow Lake

  • Pictures of Lake Superior and Northern Wisconsin

  • Tweedles, Manchester Iowa August 1999
  • Blueberry Festival, Wisconsin 1999
  • Green Bay Wisconsin, August 1999
  • Hard to forget Black River Harbor on Lake Superior, August 1999
  • Lake Superior, getting ready to jump in the 50 degree water!
  • Lake Superior Tim and Scout
  • Lake Michigan Fishing Outing on Partner's Two, Waukegan IL

  • Girl (Leigh) gabs the pole during a Lake Michigan Fishing outing August 1999
  • Girl fights a large Chinook during a Lake Michigan Fishing outing August 1999
  • Girl and a nice Chinook, Lake Michigan August 1999
  • Ray fights a Chinook on Lake Michigan August 1999
  • Ray's Chinook August 1999
  • Another shot of Ray's Chinook August 1999