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Last Home Page Update: 10/06/2002

During the summer of 2002, I had two vacations! The first was to Utah and the second to Canada. Here are the pictures from the second vacation that included camping at Sunbow and Northern Lights Lake in Ontario Canada. My trip started when I was picked up by my brother Tim and two sons in Minneapolis. We drove to Canada in a Winnebago for the first time. Besides the unbelievable heavy rain for the next 8 hours (inside and out) of the vehicle, we made it to Canada the next day. We stayed at Sunbow Lake for a few days and enjoyed the company of some local Canadian campers. The fishing at Sunbow was the best ever with limits caught every day. The smallmouth bass was excellent and was prepared as fillets and cooked in skake and bake over the open fire.

Sunbow Lake, Canada

  • Nick and Ryan with more Sunbow fish
  • Tim and Nick from inside the Winnebago
  • Tim, kids, and dog
  • Nick and Dan with Sunbow fish
  • Tim and Ryan with a nice stringer of Sunbow Smallmouth and Northern Pike
  • Northern Light Lake, Canada

  • Dan with a nice Northern Light Lake Smallmouth Bass
  • Nick with a Northern