kBrews Weather Spotting Frequency List
North Central Florida

  North Central Florida     
    LOCATION           FREQ     DUP   NOTES

    Gainesville (Alachua County)
    Northwest         146.820    -    Gvl. ARS (Lake City to Ocala coverage)
    Northwest         147.985    -    Gvl. ARS (GNV-only coverage)
    Univ. of Fla      146.910    -    Gator ARC (GNV-only coverage)
    Santa Fe C.C      146.790    -    SFCC ARS (campus-only coverage)

 EMWIN Retransmissions
    163.325    Gainesville   (1200 baud/8/N/1, FL-limited bulletins)
			     [Also avail. on web.  See EMWIN Link below]
 NOAA Weather Radio
    162.450    Live Oak/Suwannee
    162.475    Gainesville
    162.525    Ocala
    162.550    Jacksonville

  Todd Sherman, KB4MHH, skywarn@fireline.org
  Jeff Capehart, W4UFL, skywarn@afn.org

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Rev: 08 May 2004
Compilation © 2004 Keith Brewster, n0iaw