kBrews Weather Spotting Frequency List
Oklahoma Statewide

   Oklahoma Statewide
  Statewide Fire............. 154.13
  Sherrif--mutual aid, west.. 155.49
           mutual aid, east.. 155.76
  State CD................... 155.235  (Kingfisher,Frederick,Seminole,

  Oklahoma Interlinked SKYWARN Radio Networks monitored by NWS
   Liason Net: http://www.srh.noaa.gov/oun/skywarn/

  The Liason net is primarily intended for relaying of local net reports
  to the NWS in Norman.  Many should only be monitored.  Several are only
  linked during severe weather.
 NOAA Weather Radio
    162.400   Oklahoma City
    162.425   Altus
    162.450   Ponca City
    162.475   Enid, McAlester
    162.500   Woodward, Atoka
    162.525   Ardmore (Arbuckles), Clinton
    162.550   Lawton, Tulsa

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Rev: 08 Apr 2001
Compilation © 2000 Keith Brewster, n0iaw