Application Information


Summer 2023

The application for summer 2023 is now live! 

We expect to be in-person again, as we were in 2022. We will continue to offer a remote option and hope this encourages caregivers, students with disabilities that make commuting or working in offices difficult, or students who need to remain near family. Keep in mind that REU is a commitment of time like a full-time job (e.g., 40 hrs/week). We will work with you on how we schedule program activities and pair you with a mentor who can accommodate flexible hours and different U.S. time zones, within reason.



Applicants must be:

*Students who are graduating from a 2-year degree program are eligible to participate so long as they are enrolled in and will start the remaining portion of a 4-year degree in the fall after their summer participation.


Program details:

The 2023 program will run from May 22 - July 28*. Travel days are Sunday, May 21, and Saturday, July 29.

Project descriptions will be gathered and listed here: Project Proposals for 2023. Here is an example from last year: Project Proposals for 2022

*Students at schools on quarter systems will be accommodated.




About the Application:

2 parts:

  1.  The application (found at the link below, but read all of this before starting it)   
  2.  Your college/university transcripts. These will be requested after your application is submitted.  

Applications will be due by Sunday, February 12, 2023 by 11:59pm Central Time. 


Application items to prepare ahead of time:

We recommend that you prepare to write the essay questions by:

These are the essays you'll be asked to submit. Work on them ahead of time so that you can copy-paste your well-thought essays into the form.
  1. Impact You Wish to Have in Your Future Career: What interests you most about applying your background to career in weather or climate? [aim for about 250 words; the form will limit your answer to 2,000 characters]
    • This might include social, cultural, familial, educational experiences.
  2. Impact of Participation on Your Career Goals: Why do you want to participate in a research internship at the National Weather Center and its partner organizations? [aim for about 250 words; the form will limit your answer to 2,000 characters]
    • This essay should be personal to you. How would participating in this program help prepare you for the careers you are currently considering?
  3. Your Impact on Your Peers and the Scientific Community: The NWC REU aims to be an inclusive program dedicated to supporting and enhancing the diversity of future scientific communities. Please describe how you will impact this REU program and the broader scientific community. [aim for about 250 words; the form will limit your answer to 2,000 characters]   
Be sure to read the FAQ section on essays.

*Note: Our partner organizations list has been built over the past 20-some years. In any one year the list is shorter, based on individual scientists' ability to mentor in that year.


Link to Application: When you have all the above prepared and ready to go, and have at least 20-30 minutes to work on this (even with your answers prepared it will take some time to enter all your information). 
Click Here to fill out the application. Applications must be complete by 11:59 CT on February 12, 2023!


Things to keep in mind:


Also of note: NSF funds many REUs, and you can apply to more than one. To find other programs, select one of the disciplinary areas (we're listed under Atmospheric Science) or search with keywords here: https://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/reu_search.jsp.

Here are a few programs that you would probably be interested in if you're interested in ours:

You can find all the Atmospheric and Geospace Science REUs listed https://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/list_result.jsp?unitid=10020.

NOAA has a long list of student opportunties here: https://www.noaa.gov/education/opportunities/student-opportunities


Please check the FAQ before writing or calling!

Program Contacts: Alex Marmo, amarmo@ou.edu and Dr. Daphne LaDue, dzaras@ou.edu

All institutions of the National Weather Center and partner organizations are equal opportunity employers.