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Our Mission

CAPS's mission is to develop and demonstrate techniques for the numerical analysis and prediction of high-impact local weather and environmental conditions, with emphasis on the assimilation of observations from Doppler radars and other advanced in-situ and remote sensing systems.

CAPS conducts a broad-based program of basic and applied storm-scale research, and its award-winning Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS) is used worldwide.

CAPS strives to be the world leader in convective-scale data assimilation and numerical weather prediction, providing a venue for exploring bold new ideas, attracting the best scientists and students, and facilitating the transfer of knowledge and technology to academia, government and industry.

  • 2014:Congratulations CAPS on its 25th Anniversary! For presentations and photos from its celebration, see: (link) (link2)
  • Jan, 2014: CAPS now provides real-time 3DVAR analyses and near real-time 3-hr forecasts to stakeholders across the DFW Metroplex. (link1) (link2)
  • Dec, 2013: CAPS Milestone: We now have over 1 Petabyte of in-house storage capacity (with more on the way)!
  • Oct, 2013: New CAPS Project Funded by NSF: The Severe Hail Analysis, Representation, and Prediction (SHARP) Project.
  • Fall, 2013: Real-time hurricane forecasts are now underway! (link)
  • May, 2013: NSF profiles CAPS achievements in tornado research. (link)