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Summer 2021

For summer 2021 we are looking at the following possibilities: 1) to fund at least one or two students with funds we have not been able to spend on the 2020 cohort due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, 2) to hold a full program with new funding (if received; we should know by mid-winter). In either case, we are prepared to run our program completely online or in a hybrid format (participants given the option to participate virtually), depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. We intend to retain a hybrid option going forward to enable students who cannot or do not wish to relocate for the summer to participate.

Here is the program flyer for 2021.



Applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate degree, graduating no sooner than December 2021*, and be U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents of the U.S.

*Students who are graduating from a 2-year degree program are eligible so long as they are moving to a 4-year degree program in the fall after their summer participation.


Program details:

The 2021 program will run from May 24 - July 31*. Travel days are Sunday, May 23, and Friday, July 30.

We will gather the project descriptions and put them online.

*Students at schools on quarter systems will be accommodated.




What follow is from 2020... the 2021 application will likely be similar. Stay tuned for updates!

About the 2020 Application:

It has 4 parts, one of which is optional.

  1. the application (link below, but read all this before clicking on it!)
  2. two references, preferably from professors in your major (or related) classes, who know you well
  3. your college/university transcripts
  4. a current resume

Applications were due by 11:59pm CT, February 10, 2020. **to be updated for 2021**


Items to prepare ahead of time:

We strongly recommend that you prepare to write the essay questions by:

These are the essays you'll be asked to submit. Work on them ahead of time so that you can copy-paste your well-thought essays into the form. Be sure to read the FAQ section on essays.

*Note: Our partner organizations list has been built over the past 20-some years. In any one year the list is shorter, based on individual scientists' ability to mentor in that year.


Reference letters will be requested directly from references and transcripts will be directly requested from applicants via email. These are due by February 14, 2020.


Things to keep in mind:


Also of note: NSF funds many REUs, and you can apply to more than one. To find other programs, select one of the disciplinary areas (we're listed under Atmospheric Science) or search with keywords here: https://www.nsf.gov/crssprgm/reu/reu_search.jsp.

You may also find this table helpful in finding sites that meet certain criteria including latest start date, whether they can accommodate various disabilities, whether they are aimed at certain stages of school, etc.: https://www.envsci.northwestern.edu/undergraduate/nsf-reu.html. Click on "View the Directory." Note that it is a community-driven compilation of information about REU sites.

Here are a few programs that you would probably be interested in if you're interested in ours:

You can find all the Atmospheric and Geospace Science REUs listed here.


Please check the FAQ before writing or calling!

Program Contact: Dr. Daphne LaDue, dzaras@ou.edu or 405-325-1898.

All institutions of the National Weather Center and partner organizations are equal opportunity employers.