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Look for next summer's application by Thanksgiving 2014!


Previous items:

Updated 3/26: Initial offers have gone out. I left several messages on cell phones. I will follow up with an email to help make sure I have reached you. Others may call to learn their status. I'm easiest to reach between 11am and 3:30pm CT at 405-325-1898.

I am networking in-state to fill one additional position. Please contact me if you are interested.

Updated 3/6: The regular application selection meeting will take place next Thursday, March 13. We will contact our initial selections that day. Once reached, each person is given time consider our offer. If any of our initial selections turn us down I will contact the next person on our list. The selection process can take a couple of weeks to complete. Be aware that OU goes into Spring Break for the week of March 17. I have a meeting late that week, but will take information with me so that I can continue the selection process through that time.

Updated 2/12: The regular application deadline has now passed. Thank you for your interest in this program!

What happens now? Once I am able to open and file all of the mail, I will check for completeness. If your application is missing items out of your control (a reference letter or transcript), I will contact you to let you know and give you one week to try to fix that (e.g., nicely remind your reference that they are late!). I will not contact you if your application itself is missing... how could I? So you are welcome to contact me to check on that.

Updated application 1/28: Oops... I had "transcript ... through fall of 2012" on the instructions page, but that should read "transcript ... through fall of 2013." In other words, we would like to see your grades from the semester/quarter — the one you most recently completed. Thank you!

Also, to clarify, while most of our applicants will be from (and offers will go to) meteorology and STEM majors, we are seeking applicants from various social science type degree programs as well. We are increasingly engaging in interdisciplinary research and would love to have you apply your talents and interests to meteorological problems!

Updated with dates: The program will run from Wednesday, May 21 to Wednesday, July 30. Students from schools following the quarter system will be acommodated. Dates will be finalized soon, but I am not expecting these to change.

Update Fall 2013:

NSF released funds for the summer 2014. The program is on!



Please check the FAQ before writing or calling!

Program Contact: Dr. Daphne LaDue, dzaras@ou.edu or 405-325-1898.

All institutions of the National Weather Center are equal opportunity employers.







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