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Announcing Summer 2016!

Update 4/4: After two almost back-to-back VORTEX SE IOPs I finally got the notifications sent out. I apologize for the delay.

Update 3/23: The last offer has been accepted. I regret that I am now on travel to a VORTEX SE Intensive Operations Period, and so cannot send notifications out by email until I am back Monday.

Update 3/16: There is one offer outstanding at this point. Once all 12 positions are filled I will work on sending out official notifications, thanking everyone for applying.

Update 3/5: Two of the initial offers were declined. Two have been accepted; the remaining 10 are outstanding. Those initially offered have until March 14 or so do accept/decline.

Update 3/4: The selection committee met late today but I now have family commitments and will not be able to make the phone calls or send the emails until tomorrow. If you do not receive a phone call or email from me this weekend, you may contact me next week to ask the status of your application.

Update 3/2: The selection committee will meet late Friday of this week (the 4th). We will make initial phone calls at the end of the meeting. If we don't reach you we will also send an email to you. Anyone who does not receive an initial call may email me next week to learn the status of their application.

Update 2/24: The application period has closed. Selection will take place in the next two weeks!

The 2016 project descriptions are nearly complete and are online here: http://www.caps.ou.edu/reu/2016projectproposals.html




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