Application Information

We will have a program during the summer of 2020. Watch this space in the December timeframe for new application information! Last year's Program Flyer is here.


Application process updates

Hit "refresh" to see if there are any updates on our selection process. Each update is tagged with the date and listed below.

10/18/19: We aim to post the 2020 application in December. We'll update all the information on this page then. For now, it is all from 2019!


Program details:

The 2019 program will run from May 20 - July 30 (travel days are Sunday, May 19, and Wednesday, July 31.

We are gathering the project descriptions: Project Proposals for 2019. We will update that page as we receive the rest of the project proposals.




The 2019 application is now online!

It has 4 parts, one of which is optional.

  1. the application (link below, but read all this before clicking on it!)
  2. two references, preferably from your advisor and professors in your major (or related) classes, who know you well
  3. your college/university transcripts
  4. (optional) a current resume

Applications are due by 5pm CT, February 18, 2019


Items to prepare ahead of time:

We strongly recommend that you prepare to write the essay questions by:

These actions will help you write personal essays about why you would like to be part of our program. These are the essays you'll be asked to submit: