REU Summer 2002
May 12 - July 20


The Travel Corner

Everything you need to know when traveling to Norman!!


  1. If you are Driving:

    • You will only be paid mileage. Your gas receipts will not be reimbursed, but make sure that you keep all of your receipts.

    • Flying is usually cheaper than driving. The finance department at OU will compare your mileage to the price of a coach airfare and the lesser amount of the two will be given to you.

    • The REU program can only reimburse you for your hotel stay the night before the program is scheduled to start.
      (I.e. May 12--Start date means only May 11 hotel stay can be reimbursed).

    • As for your travel home, you will only be reimbursed for a hotel stay the night that the program is scheduled to end. The program will usually end the day after the final presentations. (I.e. July 19--Final Presentation Day so July 20 is the ending date of the program. You will only be reimbursed for a hotel stay the night of July 20th).

  2. If you are Flying:

    • The REU program will book your flight. We do this so that the bill will come directly to us and so that we can schedule all of the students that are flying to come in around the same time.

    • The REU director will need your phone/e-mail to contact you frequently as reservations are being made.

    • You will be reimbursed for any small expenses that you encounter as far as travel goes, such as the mileage from your house to the airport.

    • If your flight exceeds the cap (see info on cap below in general section), then the REU will see about reimbursing you the difference. It just depends how close the other students are to their cap and if we can shift it around. If this happens then we will address the individual with more information.

  3. General Information on Travel

    • Make sure that you keep all receipts from your journey to Norman. You might want to make a copy of them too when you get to Norman, originals could be misplaced when they are out of your hands.

    • One very confusing concept is the cap. There is 500 dollars allotted for each student for their travel expenses. Since it is a cap, it means that the money is there, but you could get less than 500 dollars and you won't exceed the 500 dollars.

    • When you come into town, you will get at travel claim that shows your amount (due to your receipts). Sign this form so that your claim can be processed. When you receive your reimbursement check, it may not be the amount that you originally signed. The finance department will take each of the travel claims and compare prices, what was necessary, and then give you the lowest amount of those options. Sorry that is just the policy; REU doesn't make up these rules.


*NOTE* -- Refer to the OU Travel web site If any of our information differs with what is on their web site then go with what they have and let us know, we may not be aware of something if the rules have changed.



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