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NWC REU 2010

May 25 - July 30



How to Register for AMS Meetings


FYI: Many of the images are stolen from last year's page. I only changed one or two that were substantially different!

1. Get a PO number from me.

Then go to the AMS Annual Meeting registration page:



2. Select the Annual Meeting.

You can add the student conference later!!!See text above



3. Type in your Member Number, if you have one.

Using your member number means a discount! You can find your member number on your latest BAMS, right above your name, or send email to the membership department.

See text above




4. Enter your Contact Information

See text above





5. Enter your Badge Information

See text above





6. Enter various attendance information.

See text above





7. Select the Package you want.

I don't know of anyone going for just one day, but it happens (rarely). Your price should be A LOT less!!

See text above





8. Do you have a special meal request for the banquet on Wednesday evening?

If you've got some burning graduate school or career-related desire to go to one of the special banquets, let me know your justification. It is rare that you want to go to one, but it happens (rarely).

Also, do NOT purchase a banquet ticket here! The additional tickets are meant for those who are bringing a spouse to the meeting.... that is, a spouse who would actually want to attend an awards banquet (boooooor-ing for a spouse, I would think!).

See text above





9. Add the Student Conference as an extra event!

At THIS point (next after this screen), put yourself down as a STUDENT, not a speaker. Yes, it is confusing. **They might have changed the wording for 2010 because we pointed that out to them (how is presenting a poster at the Student Conference not being a speaker? :-)). But they meant for "speaker" at this point to mean one of the invited speakers.

See text above





10. Your last chance to edit before paying!

It's nice that AMS gives you this "last chance" to fix any errors.

See text above





11. Select if you want to offset carbon emission.

Note that OU/the grant can't pay for this.

See text above





12. Finally! The payment part!

I copied only the PO part, which is right at the top.This is where you finally get to use that magic PO number you asked me for!

*** Don't fill in any other payment type!!! Only the PO!!! ***

See text above





13. You're done! you're not!

AMS might think so, but you are NOT done!

Open your email program and look for your email confirmation. YOU MUST forward that email receipt to me!!!!

See text above


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