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NWC REU 2010

May 25 - July 30



National Weather Center REU


Chris Bednarczyk
Junior Meteorology major
Valparaiso University
Eric Hong (OU CEES)
Jeff Deppa
Junior Meteorology major
Rutgers University
Richard Carpenter & Brent Shaw (WDT, Inc.)
Todd Ferebee
Junior Meteorology w/ marine concentration major
North Carolina State University
Kiel Ortega (OU CIMMS) and Kevin Scharfenberg (NOAA NWS)
Stacey Hitchcock
Sophomore Meteorology major
The University of Oklahoma
Patrick Marsh (OU SOM), Harold Brooks (NOAA NSSL), and Chuck Doswell (OU CIMMS)
Eric Hout
Sophomore Interdisciplinary Sciences w/ concentration in Atmospheric Science and Applied/Computational Math double major
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Chris Weaver, May Yuan, John McIntosh (OU CSA)
Chris Kerr
Junior Physics major
Clemson University
Guifu Zhang (OU SOM)
Carly Kovacik
Junior Meteorology major
North Carolina State University
Mark Shafer & James Hocker (OCS)
Bill Leatham
Junior Meteorology major
Plymouth State University
Andrew Taylor & Patrick Burke (NOAA NWS)
Sarah Stalker
Junior Meteorology major
St. Cloud State University
Kristin Kulhman (OU CIMMS), Heather Lazrus (OU SSWIM), Randy Peppler (OU CIMMS) and Kim Klockow (OU CAGS)
Joshua Turner
Junior Meteorology & Applied Mathematics double major
Univ. Miami
Exchange with CUNY REU
Dr. Shayesteh Mahani (CUNY)
Kevin VanLeer
Junior Atmospheric Science major
Purdue University
John Galantowicz and Mark Leidner (AER, Inc.)
Andrew Winters
Junior Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences major
Univ. Wisconsin-Madison
Bryan Smith & Corey Mead (NOAA SPC)
Xiaoqian Pan
City University of New York
Exchange with CUNY REU
Dr. Bob Rabin (NOAA NSSL), Dr. Eric Hong (OU CEES), and Dr. Brian Vant-Hull (CUNY)




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